Pyka Treegate

Mischevious and Beautiful Young Rogue

Wilderness Scout Unprincipled
HP: 26
SDC: 96
IQ: 13 PS: 19
ME: 11 PP: 11
MA: 21 PE: 20
SP: 30 PB: 22
Coma/Death: +10%
Poison/Magic: +3
Attacks per Round 3
Action Damage Bonus Target
Kick 2D4    
Tackle 1D4 Knock-down  
Squeeze 1D4    
Pull Punch   +3  
Dodge/Parry   +3  
H2H Damage   +4  
Roll with punch or fall     +8
Pin/Incapacitate     natural 18-20
Weapon Bonuses
Automatic Pistol +3 strike (aimed)
+1 strike (burst)
recognize weapon quality 30%
Energy Rifle +3 strike (aimed)
+1 strike (burst)
recognize weapon quality 30%
Archery & Targeting + 20ft to normal effective range per character lvl
+ 1 parry with weapon
rate of fire = 2
Knife +1 strike when thrown
Available ISP 18
Ability ISP Cost Source
Deaden Senses 4 Psyscape, pg. 37
Ectoplasm (vapour) 6 Rifts, pg. 117
Ectoplasm (solid) 12 Rifts, pg. 117
Skill Base OCC Bonus Misc Bonus Total
Gain Trust/Intimidate 65%     65%
Charm/Impress 60%     60%
Cooking 35% +5%   40%
Climbing 40% +20% +7% 67%
Language – English 50% +15%   65%
Language – Spanish 50% +15%   65%
Language – Faerie 50% +15%   65%
Land Navigation 36% +20%   56%
Horsemanship 40% +20%   60%
Identify Plants 25% +20%   45%
Fishing 40% +10%   50%
Prowl 25% +15% +2%, +5% 47%
Track Animals 20% +20% +5% 45%
Wilderness Survival 30% +20% +5% 55%
Swimming 50% +10%   60%
Skin/Prep Animals 30% +20% +5% 55%
Preserve Food 25% +20%   45%
Faerie Lore 25% +15%   40%
Basic Electronics 30%     30%
Hover Craft (ground) 50%     50%
Motorcycle 60%     60%
Concealment 20%     20%
Palming 20%     20%
Basic Math 45%     45%
Lore – Demon/Monster 25%     25%
Automotive Mechanics 25%     25%
General Athletics        
+ 1 parry/dodge
+ 1 roll with punch/fall
+ 1 PS
+ 1D6 Spd
+ 1d8 SDC
+2% Prowl
+5% Track Animals
+5% Skin Animals
+5% Wilderness Survival
+5% Cook (catch only)
automatic knockout on roll of natural 20
+1 attack/melee
+2 parry/dodge
+1 roll w/punch/fall
+2 PS
+3D6 SDC
Gymnastics       +10%
Kick Attack – 2d4 Damage
Balance 50%
Parallel Bars/Rings 60%
Climb Rope 70%
Back Flip 70%
+7% Climb
+5% Prowl
+2 roll w/punch/fall
+2 PS
+2 PE
+1 PP
+2D6 SDC
+1 PE
+4D4 Spd
+1d6 SDC
BodyBlock/Tackle 1d4 damage + knockdown
pin/incapacitate on 18, 19 or 20
crush/squeeze attack 1d4 damage
+1 roll w/punch/fall
+2 PS
+ 1 PE
+4d6 SDC
Hand 2 Hand Martial Arts
base 4 attacks / melee
+3 pull punch
+3 roll with punch/fall
WP: Knife
+ 1 strike when thrown
(adtl bonuses at higher lvls)
WP: Automatic Pistol
+3 strike (aimed)
+1 strike (burst)
recongnize weapon quality 30%
WP: Energy Rifle
+3 strike (aimed)
+1 strike (burst)
recongnize weapon quality 30%
WP: Archery and Targeting
+ 20ft to normal effective range per character lvl
+ 1 parry with weapon
Rate of Fire = 2
(adtl bonuses at higher lvls)
2-man tent
Pocket Mirror
Hair Brush
Nail Care kit
Razor care kit
Blank Journal
Cold Weather Outfit
Fur trimmed
light-tan leather
knee length coat
Military-esque Dress suit with boots
Rain Suit
Dark Wilderness Clothing
Light Wilderness Clothing
various tee-shirts/blue jeans
a scattering of belts, accessories, and jewelry – mostly cheap
Extra pair of boots
Tough Wide-Brim Hat
Large Backpack
2 Large Sacks
Ammo belt with 6 pouches
Bandoleer with pouches and loops
Animal Snares
Animal Skinning Knife
Fishing Line and Hooks
Food Storage/Preparation
Aluminium Canteen
Medium Frying Pan and Utensils (spatula/fork/spoon)
First-Aid Kit
utility knife
a hammer
a medium mallet
a hand axe
several short pieces of cord for tying things
100 feet lightweight rope
6 iron spikes
6 wooden spikes (mostly for vampires)
six flares
infra-red binoculars with digital distancing readout
pair of passive night vision goggles
air filter
telescopic sight for a gun (+1 strike on aimed shot, increase range 2000-6000 ft)
“Range Rider” style Mega-Damage Armour
Armour Ratings
Head: 10 MDC (+35 with Hat)
Body: 30 MDC
Arms: 12 MDC each
Legs: 15 MDC each
Notes: design customized to be less “cowboyish”
Armoured Wide Brim Hat (35 MDC)
Name Ammo Range Damage
Browning 9mm Automatic Pistol 13 rounds per clip 120ft range 2d6 damage/round
C-12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle 20 MD blasts or 120 SDC blasts 2000ft range 4D6 MD or 2D6 MD or 6D6 SDC
Laser Targeting – additional +1 for aimed shot.
Vibro-Knife 1D6 Mega Damage
6 throwing knives PS Based 1d6 SDC
Compound Bow and Quiver of Arrows 24 arrows 2D6 damage
NG-230 Prowler
Crew: Rider only Footprint: 7’3", 700lbs
Max Speed: 190mph Max Altitude: 700ft
Max Dive: 900ft Max Range: 900 miles
MDC: 80 MDC Body
Standard Weapons:
Name Ammo Range Damage
Heavy Laser 40 shots 2000ft range 2D6MD
+5% piloting skill
Can apply prowl skill to piloting the Prowler while under 35 mph
Credits: 250
Black Market Items: 18,000

Pyka is the younger sister to the wandering healer Tsolval. She was raised in the wilderness by her brother and his strong, often violent, but well-intentioned friend, Reklaw. Pyka idolized the duo and patterned herself after them to a large extent. As a result, she is heart-warming, caring, gracious and violently protective. She is also somewhat self-centered.

Though she grew up a tom-boy — playing, fighting, and working like a young man — Pyka has turned into a beautiful young woman and is not unaware of the fact. Her image, though intentionally unladylike, is none-the-less alluring and is very important to her. She carries a larger set of clothing than the average adventurer and in a wider range of styles.

Pyka is mischievous and outgoing and is often sneaking into, out of, or around places where she should not be; playing pranks, “borrowing” flashy or valuable trinkets, and getting friends into and out of trouble.

Though Pyka sometimes thinks she would be happier settled down in a city rather than tramping through wood and marsh following her brother’s call of nature, she cannot bear the thought of leaving him, the only family she has ever known. Since Reklaw left them, over a year ago, Pyka has considered herself to be her brother’s protector – though she knows he is quite capable of taking care of himself. Pyka maintains a young girl’s crush on Reklaw and she hopes that he will return soon.

“Buying things is what I do. His job is to convince the mule to carry them.”

“My brother heals people who are hurt. I hurt the people who hurt the people he heals. We make a great team.”

“I do NOT have too many clothes! You realize that some women have entire rooms of clothes? I have one bag… give or take.”

“Time to make a little trouble!”

Pyka Treegate

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